MSNBC’s Morning Joe can’t wait for Democrats to throw McConnell’s words back in his face
Joe Scarborough and Mitch McConnell (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave Democrats every justification to expand the Supreme Court.

The "Morning Joe" host -- an ex-Republican -- said Democrats should throw McConnell's words back in his face to make the case for expanding the court if they retake the majority, after Republicans brazenly violated their own precedent to ram through Amy Coney Barrett.

"I love watching stuff like this," Scarborough said. "This is, like, do I need some popcorn? No, I'll tell you why. Every word that Mitch McConnell -- every single word -- and if Democrats have half a brain, and if they're not wimps, they will actually lift that speech word for word and use it when they expand the court to 11 or 12 justices."

"Because what Mitch McConnell said, you know, he's right," he continued. "They have the constitutional right to do this. Democrats shouldn't whine, they should have won the last election. Hey, Mitch McConnell, he has a constitutional right to lie through his teeth. Lindsey Graham is maddening, but he has a constitutional right to lie through his teeth to the people of South Carolina as he's just done repeatedly, time and time again."

"But here's the deal," Scarborough added. "What is true for Republicans is true for Democrats. As Mitch McConnell said, this doesn't violate the rules of the Senate, but, of course, he makes the rules of the Senate and it doesn't violate the Constitution of the United States. Neither does expanding the Supreme Court to 11 or 12 justices -- that doesn't violate the Constitution and, again, everything Mitch said will apply to that next year in the Judiciary Reform Act of 2021."