Rick Wilson drops the mic on Trump's hospitalization: 'I like presidents who weren't infected'
GOP strategist Rick Wilson.

Anti-Trump conservative strategist Rick Wilson has penned a scathing column about President Donald Trump's hospitalization in which he shreds the president for blowing off a pandemic that has killed over 210,000 Americans in just eight months.

Wilson takes a particularly poisonous scalpel to Trump supporters who are now demanding that the president's opponents show empathy for him during his bout with the novel coronavirus.

"Now that Trump has finally fallen prey to the disease that he downplayed for so long, his followers want America to weep for the suffering of their Dear Leader," he writes. "They’re practically demanding our thoughts and prayers, but I hope they’re ready to wait in line a bit; there are seven million Americans more deserving of our empathy and our compassion."

Wilson then points out that Trump and his fans have for months ridiculed anyone who took the virus seriously and are now frantically demanding that Americans send thoughts and prayers to him now that he's the one who's suffering

"The f*ck-your-feelings, Hillary-has-Parkinson’s-Disease crowd of Trump social media warriors have become stern enforcers of online decency," he writes. "They’re simply shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- that a president who has poured his boundless reservoir of contempt and cruelty on Gold Star families, POWS, minorities of every stripe, and the victims of police brutality isn’t being universally adored for his courage in the face of COVID."

Wilson gives them a brutal response: "I like presidents who weren’t infected, OK?"

Read the whole column here (subscription required).