Saturday Night Live's Trump claims his secret COVID-19 plan is 'under audit just like my taxes'

"Saturday Night Live" began this week's show with a recap of the presidential debate showing President Donald Trump confusing Kirsten Welker with Hoda Kotb, Mindy Lahiri, and at one point, even a waitress.

Alec Baldwin explained that the coronavirus loved him so much that it didn't want to leave his body because it was so beautiful.

He also explained that he couldn't share his coronavirus plan because it was still under audit like his taxes.

Jim Cary toned down his portrayal of Joe Biden from last week's over-the-top yell-fest.

"Learning to live with it? We're learning to die with it, man!" said the fake Biden, quoting the real Biden, but with a glint of Clint Eastwood.

"Now, I believe the little lady asked you about a plan," fake Biden asked. "Why don't you enlighten us, punk?"

"I have a plan. It's the most beautiful plan you've ever seen," said Baldwin as Trump.

"You don't even have a plan for me!" Biden replied. "First, I'm creepy. Then I'm sleepy. You say I have dementia. Then you say I'm a criminal mastermind. Which one is it?"

After the COVID-19 second of the debate, the group turned to discuss race in America. Trump cited Lincoln, which he said was an important buzz word because he sees so many Black people driving a Lincoln.

At one point Rudy Giuliani appears making an obscene gesture and claiming that his microphone is caught around his testicles.

See the hilarious video below: