The View's Sunny Hostin calls out GOP voter suppression 'shenanigans': 'Reeks of desperation'
The View's Sunny Hostin. (Screenshot/YouTube)

"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin called out Republican "shenanigans" intended to suppress voter turnout.

The panelists discussed reports of President Donald Trump's supporters -- including one Miami police officer -- trying to intimidate voters and wreaking "havoc" outside polling stations, and Hostin said that doesn't show a lot of confidence.

"Well, it just seems to me that it reeks of desperation, but primarily from the Republican Party," Hostin said. "All of the shenanigans that seem to be coming up, you know, are the Republican Party trying to limit the number of polling stations, the Republican Party in California putting out these sort of dummy ballot boxes."

"Now we're seeing this type of voter suppression going on," she added. "It just seems to reek of desperation because I don't see this happening, this type of voter suppression happening on the Democratic side. It seems like the Democrats are trying to encourage people to vote, right? They're asking people to mail in their ballots, they're asking people to early vote. So that's one thing that's striking, but the other thing that's striking is I don't think in my lifetime I've seen police departments become so politicized actually, and that is frightening to me."