There are major holes in Trump lawyer's latest scheme to smear the Bidens: Impeachment attorney
Donald Trump in Henderson, Nevada -- MSNBC screenshot

The House Democrats' impeachment attorney raised major questions about a New York Post report on Hunter Biden's dealings in Ukraine.

The New York Post reported that Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at the energy firm Burisma in 2015, which the right-wing tabloid suggests is improperly linked to the Obama administration's efforts to get a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

But attorney Daniel Goldman, who served as Democratic counsel when the House impeached President Donald Trump over his own pressure campaign on the Ukrainian government, found major flaws in the Post's report.

"Let’s try this one more time: the Ukrainian prosecutor was fired because he was NOT prosecuting corruption cases and there was NO Ukrainian investigation into Burisma," Goldman tweeted. "In addition to there being no evidence to support the bogus allegations, the basic premise is simply false."

The report is based on emails purportedly found on a laptop dropped off at a Delaware repair shop in April 2019 and never picked up or paid for, and the shop owner says he made a copy of the hard drive and later gave it to Rudy Giuliani's attorney Robert Costello.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who has recently been charged with fraud, last month alerted the Post to the hard drive's existence and Giuliani gave a copy to the newspaper.

"Before more journos go peddling this @nypost story," Goldman tweeted, "they should do some diligence on the cover story for how Giuliani got the 'hard drive.' Giuliani has been conspiring with Russian agents for months, including someone the US says is actively trying to interfere in this election."

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned Ukrainian politician and alleged Russian intelligence agent Andrii Derkach, who has been feeding Giuliani information related to the Bidens, last month for attempting to interfere with the 2020 presidential election.

Goldman saw other major problems in the story.

"Why would the FBI subpoena the computer? If the store owner could give it to Giuliani, he could give it to the FBI. Makes no sense," Goldman tweeted. "And let’s remember, Burisma was hacked last fall by Russia. Do not be complicit in spreading Russian efforts to interfere in the election."

Goldman pointed out other major flaws in the Post report.

"The FBI would need a search warrant to get access to the contents of the computer, which means they need to have evidence that Hunter committed a crime," Goldman tweeted. "We’ve seen no such evidence despite persistent GOP efforts to fabricate it."

The whole scheme sounds so fishy to Goldman that he suggested the FBI was actually interested in Giuliani, rather than Joe Biden or his son.

"Given Giuliani’s open efforts to work with known Russian agents to influence the election, and the fact that there is an ongoing investigation into Giuliani, could the subpoena be part of an investigation into Giuliani conspiring with Russians to interfere in the election?" Goldman tweeted.