There will never be another Trump -- and these demographics show why

The coalition that powered President Donald Trump to the White House in 2016 is shrinking -- and demographics cited by Axios show why it's very unlikely that any Republican will ever win the presidency by running a Trump-like campaign ever again.

Specifically, the publication cites polling data showing that while Trump's support remains strong in rural areas, it has absolutely crashed in the suburbs.

"He has dropped nine points just this year with suburbanites -- falling with both men and women -- to 35%, after winning them in 2016," Axios reports. "Republicans have hemorrhaged support among suburban women during the Trump years. Now, the GOP even struggles in exurbs."

Another daunting number for the GOP is the big share of young voters who are totally repulsed by the current iteration of the party.

"Voters are no longer following the traditional pattern of getting more conservative as they age," the publication writes. "In what Axios demographic expert Stef Kight calls the 'liberal youth revolution,' millennials and Gen Z are sticking with the Democratic Party as they move through adulthood."

The bottom line, writes Axios is that Republicans "know the party's current demographic math may not work for Trump again — and certainly won't work for them."