Trump-backing columnist hits the panic button -- and begs the president to shut up about Hunter Biden
Donald Trump speaks to reporters on the White House lawn (Fox News/screen grab)

Conservative columnist Marc Thiessen has been one of the few Washington Post columnists who has been a reliable defender of President Donald Trump.

However, even Thiessen seems to have reached his breaking point while watching Trump seize on the leaked emails that purportedly came from the laptop of Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic rival Joe Biden.

In his latest column, Thiessen begs the president to lay off Hunter Biden and instead refocus the race on the economy in the closing two weeks.

"Right now, in the midst of a pandemic-induced recession, they care more about their own families than Joe Biden’s family," he said. "His closing argument should be: I will restore the strong economy you loved before the pandemic hit, and Biden will ruin it with massive tax increases and socialist spending."

Thiessen then begs the president to "moderate his behavior for just two weeks" in the final stretch of the campaign in the hopes that voters forget about the four years of "chaos" he's put them through.

However, the columnist also says that if Trump sticks to his Hunter Biden messaging in the final debate, "it will be a disaster" for him.

Read the whole column here.