Trump is having trouble breathing: Jim Acosta reports White House advisor is admitting 'this is serious'
CNN’s Jim Acosta (screengrab)

President Donald Trump was airlifted from the White House to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday after testing positive for COVID-19.

The White House has downplayed Trump's condition, with White House Dr. Sean Conley saying, "the president remains fatigued but in good spirits."

But that is not what CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta is hearing.

Acosta reported that White House officials, "have serious concerns about Trump's condition tonight and his symptoms are worse than those of the First Lady at this point, according to our sources."

One of Acosta's sources, a Trump advisor, was directly quoted.

"This is serious," the source said.

The source described Trump as being "very tired, very fatigued, and having some trouble breathing."