Trump 'is in a state of panic' as he sees 'the walls closing in': MSNBC's Heilemann
AFP photo of Donald Trump.

During an MSNBC discussion of the curious choices Donald Trump's campaign is making about his rally locations, "Morning Joe" regular John Heilemann stated the president "is in a panic" and can't think straight --even more than normal -- because he knows he's losing badly.

With only seven days ago, the president has been holding two to three rallies per day, which led "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough to ask Heilemann if there is a strategy behind the choices the president is making.

"I think the president's in a state of panic," the MSNBC regular asserted. "I think that's the only real answer and I think you see things like -- you guys pointed to in the last hour when you talk about Trump being up in New Hampshire is good example of that kind of panic."

"There's places he's going where it makes no sense," he continued. "I mean, you could look at Wisconsin and Michigan and I guess, you know ... if you're Donald Trump and you believe in the magic of 2016 and you have convinced that you did something the polls, you are convinced of the false conventional wisdom, that the polls in 2016 were wildly wrong and you had some political magic somehow you'll pull it all back together in some of the states, you know, you get -- you convince yourself to go to the places. But you go to New Hampshire where there's not been a poll this year that's had Donald Trump within double digits of Joe Biden. So I think there's a degree of you're starting to see the walls closing in."

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