Trump just gave Kamala Harris a secret weapon to use against Pence in the debate: journalist
Images via CNN screenshot/AFP/Alex Wong.

Appearing on MSNBC's "AM Joy" with host Maria Teresa Kumar, Donald Trump biographer and Bloomberg editor Tim O'Brien said the president's latest health issue handed Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris a powerful weapon to use against Vice President Mike Pence when they debate on Wednesday night.

According to O'Brien, the one thing the Trump campaign doesn't want to talk about is the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 210,000 Americans. Now, with the president hospitalized, the California senator and former prosecutor will be able to put her opponent on trial for the administration's failings.

Following an interview with Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) who had some tips for Harris after having debated Pence in 2016 as Hillary Clinton's running mate, O'Brien stated, "I think he's right that she needs to be prepared for who Mike Pence is on a debate stage."

"You know, he is very calm on a debate stage, he knows how to talk soothingly into a microphone because he is a former radio host, and I think they shouldn't underestimate his presence on a debate stage," he elaborated. "I think he was very effective against Senator Kaine in 2016. Having said this -- having said that, he's also completely right that the entire nature of this debate is not only transformed by the fact that Trump and Pence have a record they have to defend and a lot of problems they have to defend; mismanagement, racism, faulty leadership and Trump's own personal lawlessness."

"This all now gets swept up into Trump coming down with COVID, which only makes that an issue that they were trying to avoid and now gets highlighted," he suggested. "I think as long as Harris has done her homework and is in command of the facts she's going to be in a very strong position against him, but she can't take him lightly."

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