Trump 'knows he's losing' and is desperate to soak up a last round of 'adulation' from his rallies: John Harwood
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

On CNN Monday, White House correspondent John Harwood broke down how President Donald Trump's new round of rallies, starting with his trip to Sanford, Florida, reflects his increasingly desperate need for mental validation.

"You can see he's not wearing a mask as he's headed to his campaign rally," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "What do you make of the president's attempts now to make it look like everything is back to normal, despite the fact he's still recovering from coronavirus and nearly, you know, 1,000 Americans a day, are still dying?"

"I think he needs it emotionally and psychologically," said Harwood. "Think about the relentless bad news that he has been receiving over the last several months. Poor handling of the coronavirus. Racial justice protests in American cities. Bad debate performance. Bad polls. He's going in reverse direction against Joe Biden. He knows he's losing. And I think when he was cooped up first in Walter Reed then the White House, he's watching television all the time, and the coverage is bad. It's even bad on Fox, as he complains on Twitter."

"I think he wants to go out and bask in the adulation of the people who go to these rallies, and he's heedless of the health consequences for himself as well as for his supporters," added Harwood. "But I think, I think this is about his psyche right now."

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