Trump’s latest ‘dishonesty bombardment’ at Pennsylvania rally demolished by CNN fact-check
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

On Wednesday, writing for CNN, fact-checker Daniel Dale documented the most egregious falsehoods in President Donald Trump's "dishonesty bombardment" at his Tuesday-night rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

"Trump made numerous false or misleading claims at his Tuesday rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, his second falsehood-filled rally since he was hospitalized with the coronavirus," wrote Dale. "We're still going through the transcript, but here's a quick roundup."

Among the falsehoods Trump told: that Joe Biden would end protections for pre-existing conditions (Trump is the one who signed onto a lawsuit to eliminate them); that the U.S. is "rounding the turn on the pandemic" (cases and hospitalizations are rising); that he created "600,000 manufacturing jobs" (he's actually lost 183,000); that Mexico is paying for the border wall (he is trying to use the military budget to pay for it); that CNN turns off the cameras whenever he insults them (they don't); and that he created the Veterans Choice program (President Obama did).

Dale has been one of the most frequent fact-checkers trying to keep the president honest. He was especially critical of Trump's "avalanche of lying" during the first presidential debate.