'We can't trust him': Ohio swing voters rip Trump's debate performance in focus group

A group of self-described swing voters from Ohio were unhappy with President Donald Trump's performance in the first 2020 presidential debate.

Axios reports that the focus group revealed that the president's widely panned debate performance even annoyed some people who still plan on voting for him anyway.

"Neither of them conducted themselves as gentleman, or president and presidential candidate," said one voter who's nonetheless backing Trump. "I was very disappointed in both."

Another Trump supporter similarly told the focus group that they were "irritated that he kept talking over everybody and that he wouldn't answer the questions."

Other swing voters, however, said that the first debate pushed them more firmly to back Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

"I have a little more faith in Biden than I do in Trump, honestly, because Trump has shown us evidently we can’t trust him," explained one Biden backer.

"In 2016, the way [Trump] spoke was different. ," explained another Biden voter. "He was more focused on what needed to be done. Now, it’s all about conspiracy theories and that is really concerning to me."

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