'Would make your head spin': Omarosa explains dynamics between 'repulsed' Melania Trump and the president
Donald Trump, Melania Trump - ABC screenshot

Discussing yet another incident that saw first lady Melania Trump abruptly pull her hand away from her husband, Donald Trump, former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman -- who has known the couple for years -- hinted that they have a difficult relationship before adding that the president's wife often expresses disgust with him.

In an interview reported by the Daily Mail, Manigault Newman -- who got her start with the president on 'The Apprentice' -- recalled interactions between the two and labeled their relationship, which has included the president's dalliance with an adult film star, "very strange."

"It's a very strange marriage," she explained. 'I'm very cautious to comment on the dynamics of a marriage because you never know what goes on behind closed doors. But I have known this couple since they were dating, they got married a year after The Apprentice aired."

Continuing in that vein, she added, "What I have observed in the last 17 years would make your head spin. Sometimes they like each other but sometimes she is repulsed by him," which she tied to the latest denial of the president's hand by the first lady which was followed by her wiping her hand on her skirt.

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