'Black Voices for Trump' spokesperson wants to nullify 100,000 Black votes he says were 'tampered with'
A Newsmax host speaks to Paris Dennard (screen grab)

Paris Dennard, a spokesperson for Black Voices for Trump, on Tuesday suggested that someone "tampered with" the votes of Black Americans in a scheme to steal the election from President Donald Trump.

During an interview on Newsmax, Dennard said that he believes that Trump will overturn the results of the election despite a determination by the General Services Administration (GSA) that Joe Biden is the president elect.

"There's no doubt that if we are able to prove our case in court looking at the states -- Arizona, looking at Georgia, looking at places like Michigan and Pennsylvania -- where we believe that there are irregularities," Dennard opined. "If we can show fraud going forward and toss out illegally cast ballots, ballots that should not have been counted, people that are dead or are not on the rolls or if there's anything -- evidence that can be provided about [Dominion Election Systems] and any discrepancies there, it can overturn the certifications in these states and, thus, giving President Trump the win through the legal votes that were cast."

Dennard went on to claim that many of the so-called irregularities had occurred in cities with large Black populations.

"This is why we need to look into it," he asserted. "This is why we need to look at voter irregularities. This is why we need to look into the voter rolls. It's easy for things to happen in these big metropolitan counties where thousands if not hundreds of thousands of votes can be potentially tampered with. This is why we're looking into it."

Dennard, however, said that he is "proud" of the work the Republican Party did to entice Black voters.

"The party looks more like America in terms of the people who are voting for Republicans and in terms of people who were elected to serve in federal positions and down ballot positions on the Republican side," he remarked. "There's no doubt that President Trump expanded the party and made us more diverse and that's a good thing."

Watch the video below from Newsmax.