CNN reporter questions which conspiracy theory got Sidney Powell fired
Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture

CNN White House reporter Jeremy Diamond chatted on-air with Wolf Blitzer Sunday evening from Washington, D.C. about the swift exit of Sidney Powell, a member of President Donald J. Trump's legal team.

"It's not clear what the final straw was, but it's notable that this is coming as the president and his legal team are finding fewer and fewer avenues to pursue contesting this election through the courts," Diamond said. "The president has racked up more than two dozen losses in state and federal courts over the last couple of weeks."

Diamond continued, "Ultimately, Wolf, we can play a game here of which conspiracy theory got Sidney Powell booted off of the legal team. Was it the one alleging Hugo Chavez was involved? Or the one alleging Brian Kemp was involved?"

He added, "Again, the president and Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis have been spreading some version on those conspiracy theories by alleging baselessly that this Dominion voting software deleted votes that should have gone to the president. There is no basis, in fact, for this -- and just to kind of emphasize the point, they're not making these claims in court. When they are making them in court, they're getting laughed out of court, just like the judge in Pennsylvania, who dismissed the lawsuit in that state to decertify all of the votes in that state. When that judge dismissed that case, he made clear that the Trump campaign wasn't making any legal arguments that had any merit whatsoever."

Watch the video below.