CNN’s Tapper tears down Trump’s ‘fevered brain’ conspiracy theory about Democrats stealing the election
Jake Tapper appears on CNN (screen grab)

On CNN Thursday, anchor Jake Tapper tore apart President Donald Trump's conspiracy theory-ridden press conference claiming Democrats are trying to steal the presidential election.

"The president would like us to believe, would like the nation to believe, that there is this grand conspiracy in every state in the nation to take this election from him, and yet, somebody else gave him a list of Republican accomplishments in his election to read from, right?" said Tapper. "Not one Republican lost a seat in the House. Republicans held on to the Senate, a tremendous night of success for the Republican Party. So President Trump would have you believe that the elections went great for every Republican in the country, almost, except for him."

"So the diabolical Democrats and big money, big media and big tech conspired, and we all got together and we decided, what we're going to do is we're going to help every Republican win elections across the country except for Donald Trump," added Tapper. "Does that make sense to anybody except for the most fevered brain?"

Watch below: