'Delusional' Trump deserves to be treated like a flat-Earth conspiracy nut: CNN's Avlon
Donald Trump at the final 2020 presidential debate (screengrab).

President Donald Trump is still not giving up on his false claims that he supposedly won the 2020 presidential election, and CNN's John Avlon said Monday that the president is losing whatever grasp he once had on reality.

In his latest "Reality Check" segment, Avlon noted just how far-out the president's conspiracy theories about the 2020 election had gotten even as his lawyers' attempts to overturn the election keep getting shot down in court.

"Outgoing President Trump's refusal to recognize the election results has moved from denial to delusion in recent days, claiming that he won by a landslide and that he won the election by a lot," Avlon said. "On Sunday, he even suggested without evidence that the FBI and DOJ may be in on a plot against him."

He then accused the president of unleashing a "blizzard of lies," but said that even judges appointed by Trump weren't buying them.

He then said that Trump's ravings about the election should be considered on par with those of a demented lunatic.

"If the president's massive yet fragile ego obscures his ability to recognize reality, then he is delusional and should be treated the same way as someone who insists the Earth is flat," Avlon said. "If this seems unfair to members of the flat earth society, consider that an adviser told the Washington Post that Trump is acting like mad King George, muttering, 'I won, I won.'"

Watch the video below.