'Embarrassed' Americans 'have been waiting almost four years' to send Trump packing: Morning Joe
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said "embarrassed" Americans have been waiting nearly four years to send President Donald Trump packing.

The "Morning Joe" host said the record-breaking early turnout likely forecast bad news for the president, who had angered and mortified Americans since his very first day in office.

"From Donald Trump's first day in office, when he talked about American carnage and lied about crowd sizes," Scarborough said, "and, really, I think he embarrassed a lot of people inside his White House and across the country and immediately called for a quote, 'Muslim ban,' which, remember, very early on shut down airports, shut down large chunks of this country. We had the Women's March that Sunday, and the country really came to a standstill for that weekend."

"Since that day, people have been waiting almost four years for this moment," he added, "and obviously a lot of people in Donald Trump's side, too, that support him wanting to show that they support this extraordinarily divisive president who has been using division to divide America quite successfully over the past four years. But today is the day, and, my gosh, if you just look at the numbers of people who have already voted and you talk to election officials in Florida, they think they're going to break all kinds of records -- going over 80 percent today. It's a remarkable thing, especially in the age of COVID, when the president's own adviser says things are about to get worse than they have ever been."