'First I was scared... then I just got angry': Eerie blue dots painted outside Democrats' homes in California
Biden/Harris Sign

People in a quiet Northern California town say they feel intimidated after finding what one resident called "creepy" blue circles spray-painted outside their homes over the weekend, just before Election Day.

The half dozen or so Roseville homes have one thing in common—they all displayed campaign signs for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

"This is not just a smashed pumpkin on Halloween. This is like a message and I'm not really OK with it."

—Adam Quilici, local resident

KCRA reports people who live in the tagged properties feel as if they've been marked.

"It's pretty creepy," Adam Quilici, whose home was one of those affected, told KCRA. "I feel targeted and intimidated a little bit. It just seems like it's not OK."

"The houses that were targeted have Biden-Harris signs in front of them—every single one," said Quilici. "There aren't any blue dots anywhere where there are not those signs present."

While it is uncertain exactly when the circles were painted, most residents believe it happened sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Quilici said he notified local police after discovering the mark outside his home.

"They followed up with a phone call saying, 'Yes, we believe everything you're saying is true,'" he said. "They wanted to make sure it wasn't a water line or a utilities thing. They said, 'No, this is definitely not.'"

"This is not just a smashed pumpkin on Halloween," Quilici added. "This is like a message and I'm not really OK with it."

Another neighbor told CBS13: "At first I was scared and extremely upset, and then I just got angry and it makes me more determined to keep my signs up."

Incidents of voter intimidation—from threatening messages to so-called "Trump Trains" rolling through communities of color to supporters of President Donald Trump harassing voters—have been widely reported in the run-up to Election Day.