Former Michigan Republican senator destroyed during election certification meeting
former Michigan Republican Sen. Patrick Colbeck (Photo: Screen capture)

Michigan held its electors' meeting to certify the state's election on Monday, only to be flooded with conspiracy theories. At the same time, a Republican member of the Michigan Board of State Canvassers even pushed the false idea that he can refuse to certify the election.

At one point, former Michigan Republican Sen. Patrick Colbeck ranted that electronic voting "computers were connected to the internet." He alleged that because tabulators were connected they were "attempting to subvert the election and hide the fact that they were doing so."

Democratic member, Julie Matuzak, finally cut into his rant telling Colbeck "If you have evidence of fraud, have you submitted it to the Attorney General?"

Colbeck said he hasn't submitted anything to the attorney general.

The AG announced that she never received any complaint or any evidence of fraud and that had her office heard such a complaint they would certainly investigate.

See the video below: