Fox News host caught in hot mic moment reacting to claim Biden isn’t the president
Fox News host host Sandra Smith (Photo: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump's reportedly still furious with Fox News for calling Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden on Nov. 3. He's not going to be happy with another Fox News host aghast by a Trump supporter's claim that the election isn't official yet.

"Whoever is decided to be the president, remember just because CNN says -- or even Fox News says somebody's president doesn't make 'em president," said the Trump advocate and lawyer Cleta Mitchell.

"What!?" exclaimed host Sandra Smith, looking up from reading her notes.

"So, I think everyone wants to know that this was done properly and legally and that we can trust the results. And I think we have to look at every one of these concerns."

"What is happening? Like, Trace, we've called it," Smith said to Trace Gallagher.

"Yeah," Gallagher replied, "I think that's a very good point there."

See the video below: