George Conway: It's fitting that Trump is going out screaming lies about 'fraud'
Attorney George Conway speaking to Georgetown Law (screengrab)

Republican lawyer and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway noted that it's fitting that the biggest liar in White House history is going out screaming lies about voter fraud.

Writing for the Washington Post on Thursday, Conway pointed to President Donald Trump's all-caps lies on Twitter alleging voter fraud because states are continuing to count the ballots.

His first act as president was to demand that press secretary Sean Spicer take to the White House podium and tell the world that his inauguration crowd size was bigger than former President Barack Obama. It wasn't, of course, photos showed, and even Spicer was scared to make his first act at the White House be a lie to the American people. He parsed his words, saying that the online audience helped make the overall viewership of the event so large.

Since then, Trump has lied about healthcare, lied about the economy, spread misinformation about immigration and the children he took from parents at the border and then lost somewhere in the US. Trump has lied about his tax plan, saying he would probably "pay more." Although, given how little Trump paid in 2016 and 2017 that might actually be true, Conway noted.

"And on and on and on," Conway continued. "As time passed, Trump self-servingly misled with ever-increasing speed, about subjects of escalating import. By the end of August, when he accepted his nomination for reelection, he’d told more than 22,000 falsehoods in office, barrelling ahead at a clip of more than 50 a day, meaning that he’s probably over 25,000 by now."

He noted that the COVID-19 lies have been the worst because for many it has meant life or death. Trump's bizarre question about whether someone could inject disinfectant to fight the coronavirus led to an increase in accidental poisonings.

"As for our democracy, Trump unceasingly and maliciously maligned the electoral process, just as he did when he took office," wrote Conway. "Facing an uphill reelection fight, he made every false claim he could to delegitimize, or set the stage for challenging, the result — truth, logic and consistency be damned, even at the price of undermining the democratic system he swore an oath to protect."

Trump alleged that Democratic governors were sending ballots to dogs. He claimed mail-in voting led to fraud unless people were voting for him, of course. Ballots were being thrown into rivers. Ballots were found in trash cans. But when a judge demanded post offices in swing states to sweep for unmailed ballots, Trump's postmaster general refused.

"Trump’s conduct illustrates, as well has anything else over the past four years, his unfitness for office, Conway closed. "Trump may lose his lawsuits and, probably, lose the election, but he will never give up on his claims of fraud. And in the end, he will have accomplished only one thing: He will have squandered his last and best chance to show he could admit the truth and, for once, do something right by the country instead of himself."

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