Giuliani trolled by his daughter with advice to avoid hair dyes and lying about voter fraud
Rudy Giuliani during a news conference on November 19, 2020. (vasilis asvestas /

Rudy Giuliani is known for providing legal advice to his client, President Donald J. Trump, but now his Democrat daughter Caroline has a few "self-care tips" to offer her dad post-election loss.

Caroline, who is a filmmaker, penned the piece for her father last week. The article appeared in Vanity Fair and has since gone viral. One of her notable tips included, "Avoid charcoal products or anything with artificial dyes, which may result in your face oozing as you make false claims of voter fraud in Philadelphia, for example."

Caroline was referring to the hair dye that ran down her father's face while he repeatedly claimed that Democrats falsified mail-in ballots to steal the election from Trump.

"Breathe. As a devoted yogi and longtime breather, I recommend inhaling for two months—the length of time that Donald Trump once suggested the coronavirus would last—and exhaling for 16 years, the average length of a Supreme Court justice appointment," Caroline wrote.

Caroline suggested another method of self-care might be to adopt a stray. "Please, just treat it better than Trump has treated his lapdogs: William Barr, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham." She added that he might also consider practicing a new skill. "Knitting, Reiki, capoeira, even building imaginary walls—there are so many enriching possibilities. (Please note that whining, lying, and grabbing women by the pussy are not skills.)"

She nudged, "Call your friends and family. Connect with the people in your life who prioritize science, empathy and facts. Or at least stop ignoring your relatives who just want you to allow the democratic process to unfold unobstructed. (Artsy daughters are especially insightful.)"

Caroline's additional advice tips for her father can be found here.