GOP pollster Frank Luntz explains how Trump's delusions are fracturing Republicans: 'There is no middle ground'
Frank Luntz -- Fox News screenshot

President Donald Trump is fracturing the GOP with his insistence that Republicans echo his unfounded fantasies of election fraud.

On Saturday evening, The Washington Post published a story by Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey titled, "Trump, a president obsessed with winning, spends the day refusing to admit his loss to Biden."

"On Saturday, Donald Trump finally became the one thing he hates the most: a loser," the story began. "If Trump incinerates a final presidential norm by refusing to offer a gracious concession speech and attend his successor’s Inauguration Day, he will still, in 10 weeks, have to pack up the White House residence and vacate perhaps the most coveted address in America: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave."

Yet Trump continues to lie and declare himself winner.

"The president’s orbit on Saturday night remained divided into two camps, with an increasing number of people accepting the election results, even if they weren’t willing to say as much publicly — and certainly not to Trump himself," The Post reported. "Several said that while they ultimately expect the president to help with a peaceful transition of power, he is unlikely to ever admit defeat, and he needs to reach the inevitable conclusion — that Biden will be president — on his own time frame."

"Some advisers were urging the president to consider his political future — which they described as powerful in the GOP — and to not taint his legacy with a messy exit, according to two officials in touch with Trump. But Trump’s adult sons were urging him to keep fighting. Both were annoyed at other influential GOP figures who, in their view, were not fighting hard enough, the officials said," The Post reported.

The newspaper interviewed longtime GOP pollster Frank Luntz.

“I think what Donald Trump does in the next seven days will determine his future as well as America’s future,” Luntz said

“The more that he fights, the stronger he becomes among his supporters, and the weaker he becomes among everybody else. It’s been clear to me from the comments that I’ve gotten today," he explained.

"From the hard-core Trump people, he needs to stay and fight. From everybody else, he needs to accept the outcome. And there is no middle ground," Luntz said.

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