Group with Confederate flags confronts liberal voters as they march to the polls in North Carolina
Man holds Confederate flags in Graham, NC (Twitter/screen grab)

Activists on Tuesday flew the Confederate flag to protest a planned march to the polls in Graham, North Carolina.

The march for racial justice comes days after liberal activists say they were pepper-sprayed by police during a similar march.

"I was unable to vote that day," Ann Jones said of the first march. "I was sprayed four times. I'm not going to say a lot more than that but say that was unnecessary for innocent children and people that are elderly to be sprayed down or hosed down with some kind of chemical agent ... it's just nothing but voter intimidation."

The Graham Police Department and Alamance County Sheriff's Office both claimed that marchers did not follow the rules although a permit was obtained for the event.

The second march took place on election day before polls were set to close.

According to reporters on the scene, a group of counter protesters showed up with Confederate flags to demonstrate against the march.

In one photo, counter protesters can be seen stomping on a Black Lives Matter flag.

In another video, a man can be heard shouting to "get the pepper spray back out."

Watch the video below.