'He's powerless': MSNBC guest hammers Trump for latest 'hissy fit' over losing to Biden

Appearing on MSNBC early Saturday morning, a Democratic and a Republican strategist took turns hammering Donald Trump for continuing to complain about losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, with one saying the president is having a "hissy fit" and the other calling the current president a "crybaby."

Speaking with host Kendis Gibson, Joel Payne -- who worked with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- got right to the point while discussing Trump first saying he would cede power to Biden, then walking it back with more complaints about voter fraud.

"I think what frustrates me is what we just witnessed over the last few segments, which is just a rehash of Donald Trump having a hissy fit on national TV, " he explained. "He is yelling at reporters. saying things that are ridiculous. and it's just nonsense. I think we should really stop repeating the false things that he is saying."

"He's saying that he's going to stop Joe Biden from going to the White House on January 20th? That's not true," he added. "He has no control, Donald Trump is powerless-- he can't do anything, he has no functional power. And I think it's important for people to understand that."

"I do think it would be better if people start to think about this as the end of the Donald Trump presidency, as opposed to Donald Trump raging a war against something he can't wage a war against because he's lost the election. In fact, he's lost Georgia five times," he concluded.

Asked to comment, GOP strategist Susan Del Percio piled on.

"He is still the most powerful person in the world for practical purposes," she began. "Now, when he leaves office, he will not be that person and he thinks he can rally all of these people, his base, behind him and I don't know how much of that base will go with him. We're going to have to see how he handles himself. because right now, he just looks like a big cry-baby and complainer, and just, you know, like he needs his binky or something, because right now, President Trump, he knows he's lost."

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