Joy Reid blasts Giuliani’s racism: 'Rudy was the original Donald Trump'
Rudy Giuliani on his podcast (screengrab).

MSNBC's Joy Reid blasted former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani Tuesday night for his racist ways that went back decades.

Reid played a video depicting a mostly all white riot on the Brooklyn Bridge that blocked traffic on September 16, 1992 and then began, "I'm sure you can guess the ugly racist slur we beeped out, which hurled at the sitting mayor of New York. We euphemize it as the N-word. When that same Rudy Giuliani, whose seemingly single goal as the next mayor was to undo everything Mayor [David] Dinkins tried to do." 

Dinkins was New York City's first Black mayor and died Monday night at the age of 93. His wife died just two months prior.

"You should take that with the same seriousness you give Rudy's legal maneuvers," Reid said of Giuliani. "In fact, if anything, Rudy was the original Donald Trump. The 'un-Dinkins' just as Trump was the 'un-Obama."

Watch the video below.