Kelly Loeffler's latest attack on Democrat Warnock will blow up in her face in spectacular fashion: MSNBC guest
Kelly Loeffler, Rev. Ralph Warnock -- screenshots

During a panel discussion of the attack Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) recently launched against Rev. Ralph Warnock (D), an MSNBC contributor suggested the embattled Republican lawmaker may have stepped in it by focusing on one of the pastor's sermons in Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church -- once home to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Speaking with "AM Joy" host Jason Johnson, The 19th editor Errin Haines claimed the GOP lawmaker -- who is already dogged by accusations of insider trading during the coronavirus pandemic -- motivated Black voters to turn out in force for the run-off election.

"Well, listen, you know, for anybody that would go to this playbook, they are about to learn the 11th Commandment which is 'Thou shalt not come for the Black church,'" she said to laughter from her fellow panelists. "It will galvanize Black voters. As the spiritual home of Martin Luther King Jr., Ebenezer is a place that has been bipartisan at times, it is a place that attracts a diverse congregation every week to whom Rev. Warnock has been preaching."

"I covered him when he came to Ebenezer to lead that church. and again, his gospel is in keeping with the spirit of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., so this is not, you know, anything that is radical," she added. "So I don't think that it [Warnock's sermon]  is something that will polarize voters, it certainly hasn't in the past and really trying to weaponize it at this point, I don't think that it is something that will work to their advantage."

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