MSNBC's Morning Joe has bad news for Trump's election lawyers
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said few Republicans seem likely to sign on to President Donald Trump's legal challenges.

The Trump campaign wants to stop the vote counts in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, while demanding that Arizona keep counting -- which elections officials are already doing.

"There's a legal incoherence," Scarborough said. "You saw it, there are no Republicans taking these challenges seriously. Mitch McConnell, as well as other senators, they have stepped forward. Yeah, [Gov.] Larry Hogan in Maryland, they have stepped forward. You had Rick Sanatorium on CNN, Chris Christie on ABC."

"A lot of the president's steadfast supporters resoundingly pushing back, for good reason, because they understand the consequences of undermining the rule of law," the "Morning Joe" host continued. "The president does not understand the consequences of undermining the rule of law and he's made that perfectly clear over the past four, five years -- some would say over the course of his entire adult life."

"But, in this case, the fact that he's having such a scattershot approach, where he's demanding the stopping of counting in states where he's ahead are -- in the case of Michigan, falling behind further by the hour -- and then demanding the counts of votes of states where he's behind, that has legal consequences," Scarborough added. "When federal judges see that sort is of scattershot approach, that sort of intellectually incoherent legal argument, then that does have legal consequences for those challenges. That's why I don't think anybody that I have spoken with in the legal community sees any merit to any of these claims. So we are a far stretch from the legal challenges of 2000. Right now, there don't appear to be any that are going to be significant."