New legal filing asks court to allow Trump campaign to count Pennsylvania’s mail-in-ballots
Donald Trump during a rally in Nashville. ( NumenaStudios /

President Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign has issued a new legal filing asking the court to allow them to personally count the mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

"Due to confusion caused by the withdrawal of Plaintiffs' lead counsel on Friday, Nov. 13, the Amended Complaint filed on Nov. 15 inadvertently withdrew numerous allegations contained in the original Complaint regarding the preclusion of observers at the canvassing of mail votes and the subsequent improper counting of mail votes in the seven Defendant County Boards of Election," the court document states.

"Moreover, with the appearance of new counsel, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Scaringi Firm, and new factual developments, the Campaign intends to file a second amended complaint to make clear that there was intentional misconduct by the Defendant Boards of Election, which deliberately excluded Republican/Trump observers from the canvassing in order to facilitate counting mail ballots which did not comport with the signature, date, and other requirements of Pennsylvania law," the document continues.

Then there's this footnote: "As reported in the media, former counsel suffered threats of violence as well as economic reprisal for representing President Trump. Other counsel remaining in this case also received threats and is under the protection of U.S. Marshalls (sic). Needless to say, this proved disruptive."

Page 3 of the court document states that the Trump campaign would like to obtain "access to the outside and inside of envelopes for the approximately 1.5 million mail ballots at issue - all public records - in the Defendant Counties, or, alternatively, a significant random sample from each county."

The end-goal is spelled out: "This simple exercise will determine whether Plaintiffs can prove their case - that sufficient illegal ballots were counted that changed the result of the election. If so, the Court should set aside these votes and declare Trump the winner."