‘Pure idiocy’: Morning Joe scalds the GOP for enabling Trump’s ‘treasonous’ coup attempt
U.S. President Donald Trump and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell tried to move past the tensions that followed the collapse of the healthcare reform effort on Monday with a show of unity that focused on tax reform and other items on the Republican agenda.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called out Republicans for standing by while President Donald Trump attempted a coup.

The "Morning Joe" host said the president's legal challenges were ridiculous, but nonetheless were a textbook example of a coup against American democracy.

"The chaos is everywhere, it's pure idiocy," he said. "But it's far more dangerous than it may appear on the surface. You know, let's bottom line this before we start the show. Donald Trump and the Republican Party, they're now actively working to steal electoral votes from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, other states. They're going to do it by stripping millions of Americans of their right to vote, specifically tearing up their already cast ballots from earlier this month."

"I don't have to tell you, this is deeply un-American, and it's an un-American, unpatriotic attack that's being performed right now by a handful of vile political operatives who are trying to carry out a coup -- look up the definition, overthrow the candidate who got over 300 electoral votes, and they're trying to overthrow a president-elect who received more votes than anybody in this constitutional," Scarborough added. "Think of that, Mitch McConnell, to stage a coup against the democratically elected presidential candidate who is president-elect and they're doing it in the light of day. They're doing it with the acquiescence of Republican senators and congressmen and congresswomen across the country. None dare call it treason, but maybe -- maybe they should."