Republican who voted against certifying Detroit vote blasted for racism by civil rights activist
Screengrab of vote counting in Detroit.

On Tuesday, the Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refused to certify the results in Detroit, throwing a monkey wrench into the process of making President-elect Joe Biden's win in the state official.

In a lengthy thread on Twitter, civil rights activist and American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee policy director Abed Ayoub took a deep dive into the apparent social media posts of one of the GOP canvassers, William Hartmann — and uncovered a trove of racism, Islamophobia, and conspiracy theories, even as he is tasked with certifying the vote count of a city with a majority Black population and one of the nation's largest Muslim communities.

For good measure, Ayoub also uncovered social media activity from the other GOP canvasser, Monica Palmer, including her liking a tweet stating the United States isn't a democracy.