Republicans should never be forgiven for propping up 'ignorant bully' Donald Trump: ex-RNC official
President Donald Trump paints the Mexico border as an open gate for criminals, including rapists, terrorists, people with dangerous diseases and phony asylum seekers. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

In a column for the conservative Bulwark, former Republican National Committee spokesperson Tim Miller chastised the party he once defended for propping up -- and still defending -- Donald Trump by calling their actions unforgivable.

Making the case that Republicans under the president have become everything that they have ever detested, Miller said Republicans and conservatives still supporting the president care less about policy and governing and more about sticking it to their enemies.

Miller got right down to it, writing: "Donald Trump is a snowflake who cares only about his feelings not the facts. He’s a pampered millennial child who can’t handle losing and wants a participation trophy. He’s a coddled, out-of-touch elite who cares more about what his media friends say about him than the struggles of forgotten Americans."

With that he leveled accusations against the president by writing, "He’s a fool who leads a selfish ruling class that is bringing America to the brink of revolution. He is an Ivy Leaguer who requires a safe space to protect himself from painful speech," before adding, "He is 'Triggered,' 'driven by hate, and trying to silence the voters'. He is stealing America. He’s a whiner who specializes in phony outrage. A beta-soy-boy cuck who won’t take his setbacks like a grown man."

There is much more in that vein, with Miller then making the case that this is the man that Republicans are defending to not only their own detriment but also to their eternal disgrace.

"Even in the face of Trump’s humiliating defeat at the hands of an opponent they believe to be weak and suffering from dementia, Republicans and conservative commentators continue to enable the human embodiment of what they once decried," he elaborated before adding that they became entranced with Trump because he picked fights with all the right enemies, becoming 'Their vehicle to give the finger to half of the country."

As Miller sees it, they will long regret their complicity during the Trump era with a condemnation that they became "everything that they had claimed hate," and adding, "They should never be allowed to forget it."

You can read the whole piece here.