Rick Wilson: Humiliated Trump is in 'full collapse' as he tries to stave off the inevitable
Rick Wilson (screengrab)

In his column for the Daily Beast, a gleeful Rick Wilson urged Americans to "Calm the f*ck down," because there is no way "a surly, frustrated" Donald Trump will hang onto power after suffering the humiliation of becoming a one-term president at the hands of former Vice President Joe Biden.

In his typical lurid prose, Wilson started off by stating, "The Trump regime is in full and robust collapse. It’s not just his loss at the polls. He’s lost the magic. The mojo is shot. Gone is the impervious Trump of legend," before adding, "Now, desperation is delicious and spreading nearly as fast as the virus is among his inner circle. The dying twitches of the apparat built to support the whinging sociopath who stains the Oval Office, for now, have become more and more apparent. The unenviable job of telling the Maximum Leader that the game is over has fallen to his hapless son-in-law, who hardly cuts the figure of wartime consigliere. He’s more of a wartime hand model."

Noting that the president is throwing every legal maneuver he can at the election results -- and failing badly at it -- Wilson wrote that it is inevitable that the current president will be ousted from the Oval Office even if he has to be dragged out, writing: "Even if Donald Trump chains his ample ass to the golden toilet in the White House residence, it won’t matter. As amusing as the thought of seeing a half-naked Trump dragged by his bespurred heels out of the White House residence is, we won’t be granted that particular pleasure. His acute fear of humiliation will prevent our acute delight in seeing it. Oh, he’ll grump and preen and pretend he’s not leaving, but he’s leaving. For good."

"If this were some Third World despot’s collapse of power, Trump would be ordering his last few loyal aides to load the blood diamonds, bearer bonds, and bullion into the presidential getaway jet. They’d race to the airport for a last-minute escape before the rebel army seized the field, taking with him only a loyal cadre of bodyguards and his second and third most attractive mistresses," he explained. "Instead, he’s spending his last days in power on a public hissy fit to keep the General Services Administration from beginning its legal duties in the transition. That move is Trumpism distilled to its purest form: petty, illegal, and stupid in equal measures."

Writing that the incoming Biden administration is plowing forward no matter what the president does, Wilson predicted that nothing can stop the inevitable ouster of the president no matter how much he whines that the election was stolen from him.

"Trump will posture, shit-tweet, rage, and promise full and terrible legal and political consequences to all who oppose him. He’ll declare victory even as he sinks beneath a wave of ballots in a dozen states," he wrote before concluding, "I will tell you once again: It won’t work. The transition will occur and Trump’s lackeys, ball-washers, and assorted minions will get shit-canned along with Trump himself."

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