Ronna McDaniel privately knows Trump is toast and his defiance 'cannot go on for too long': report
Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel (screengrab)

President Donald Trump remains defiant in his refusal to concede the 2020 presidential election to President-elect Joe Biden.

The Washington Post reports that many in Trump's orbit keep egging him on to fight the results, even though they privately believe he has no shot at remaining in the White House.

"Advisers including Ronna McDaniel, who leads the Republican National Committee, are publicly fighting on behalf of the president but have acknowledged to others privately that the battle cannot go on for too long," the Post reports.

One senior administration official tells the Post that Trump will at some point accept defeat even though he will continue claiming the election was stolen until the bitter end.

"I think he knows in his heart of hearts where things are heading, but I think he also is of the mind that America -- and especially his people -- love a fighter," they said.

Another official said it was only a matter of time before reality set in, even among Trump dead-enders.

"Most people know it’s over, but there are some holdouts," they explained.