Rudy Giuliani ridiculed for bonkers press conference: 'Not sure Trump got his $20,000 worth'
Rudy Giuliani's bonkers press conference (Photos: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump is reportedly paying Rudy Giuliani $20,000 a day for his attempts to nullify the election in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

A wild press conference Thursday left people wondering what on Earth was happening. Giuliani cited the film "My Cousin Vinney" and Sidney Powell accused former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez of rigging the 2020 election. Chávez has been dead for seven years. He died two years before Trump even announced he was running in 2015.

At one point, Giuliani even lashed out at a Daily Caller reporter. The site is a conservative outlet founded by Tucker Carlson.

There was a veiled accusation about Antifa and George Soros. It was so absurd that even MSNBC's Chuck Todd called it "an SNL skit."

The long-running press conference was so bad that MSNBC said they couldn't run it because every other word from Giuliani and his team seemed to be a lie.

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