Rudy’s ‘hot mess of a press conference’ was a ‘plot to disenfranchise millions’: CNN’s Jake Tapper
CNN's Jake Tapper (screengrab)

CNN host Jake Tapper couldn't help but note the irrational hour and 45-minute rant from Rudy Giuliani calling it "craziness" and a "hot mess."

"I want to shift for one second to talk about this craziness that we're hearing from the other side of the aisle with Rudy Giuliani and this conspiracy theorist, Sydney Powell and others, laying out their plan," said Tapper, with a panel of analysts. "No evidence of malfeasance or fraud that would undermine the election conclusions that have already happened, but Giuliani said something quite telling earlier today when discussing their plans for, you know, reversing the results of this free and democratic election. Giuliani said it changes the results of the election in Michigan if you take out Wayne County. Wayne County is the most populous county in Michigan. It's where Detroit is. This really seems to be coming down to a plot to disenfranchise millions of legitimate American votes, many of them Black voters, Black Americans who voted completely legally and now the Trump team wants to take away their votes."

Reporter Abby Phillip agreed, saying that there's no other way to characterize what the Trump team is trying to do. She said that they're seeking to nullify several areas of the country that are densely populated with African-American voters.

"It's not an accident that those are all the places that they are so concerned about this fabrication of voter fraud, that they're willing to disenfranchise virtually all the people who live in those places, but not any of the other people in other parts of the state where allegedly much of this invented conduct is happening as well," said Phillip.

"It cannot be that they're only concerned about fraud in only the parts of a state where the majority of minority voters live," Phillip continued. "If they're concerned about fraud, they should be concerned about it everywhere."

Tapper explained that there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

"I think Republicans just lost another lawsuit in the last hour in Arizona," he also said. "It's all just embarrassing. It's not just President Trump tweeting it. The Republican National Committee is actually tweeting out that insane hot mess of a press conference that Rudy had earlier today."

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