Sidney Powell's 'Kraken' lawsuit suffers setback as Georgia GOP county chair demands to be removed
Sidney Powell with Rudy Giuliani at elections press conference (Photo: Screen capture)

The Republican chair in Cobb County, Georgia said on Thursday that he wanted to be removed from Sidney Powell's election lawsuit because he never gave his consent to be included.

Powell, who was kicked off President Donald Trump's legal team, was criticized this week after she filed a lawsuit in Georgia that was riddled with typos.

Powell had previously promised that the lawsuit would "release the Kraken" in an effort to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's win in Georgia.

The document, however, failed to provide meaningful evidence of voter fraud.

On Thursday, Cobb County GOP chair Jason Shepherd asked to have his county removed from the lawsuit because Powell had not provided the information requested by his executive committee.

"We (Sidney Powell's associate and I) discussed the Cobb GOP being a plaintiff and I was open to it considering multitude of troubling issues we've seen just in Cobb County," he explained to Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein. "But we needed more information to at least make sure the executive officers were in agreement to us being a party in the suit."

Shepherd said that Powell never provided the group with the necessary information.

"[S]o I called Powell's associate to state we were unfortunately not going to be able to be part of the suit," he recalled. "She confirmed she understood. Guess this is what happens when you wait until the last minute."

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