'Sore loser' doesn’t do justice to the epic tantrum Trump is having: columnist
Donald Trump at Miami International Airport on, Nov. 2, 2020. (Alex Gakos / Shutterstock.com)

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, columnist Dana Milbank says that when it comes to Donald Trump's stint in the White House, it's all over except for the pouting.

"Back during the Florida recount in 2000, George W. Bush loyalists made T-shirts altering the Gore-Lieberman logo to say 'Sore-Loserman.' But 'sore loser' doesn’t do justice to the epic tantrum President Trump has performed to assuage his narcissistic injury. Trump-Pence has become Rump-Nonsense," Milbank writes.

According to Milbank, Trump's loss by more than 6 million votes is just the beginning regarding his current losing streak. He has lost in every single post-election ballot-counting challenge, and he's also losing key Republican allies, such as Chris Christie, who called Trump’s legal team’s antics a “national embarrassment.”

Adding to the loss tally is Rudy Giuliani, who Milbank says is "losing his mind."

"There’s no realistic possibility his attempt to overturn the election succeeds, but the clown coup still does damage by preventing the incoming Biden administration from getting up to speed on potential national security crises and vaccine distribution," writes Milbank. "And last-minute sabotage — another government shutdown, or vetoing a defense bill over Trump’s insistence on keeping the names of bases named for Confederates — can’t be ruled out."

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