Texas teen investigated after calling on other Trump supporters to help 'assassinate Joe Biden'
A young man holds a gun. (Image via Shutterstock.)

The Secret Service is reportedly investigating a Texas teenager who threatened to kill president-elect Joe Biden.

A video circulated over the weekend showing the teenager displaying guns and asking other supporters of President Donald Trump to meet up and "assassinate Joe Biden," reported KTRK-TV.

"This is as clear cut of a case of a terroristic threat as I've ever seen," said attorney Steve Shellist, who isn't involved in the case. "There are still crimes, and you can prosecute someone as a minor, it would just be handled in a different way."

The Secret Service would not confirm its involvement in the case, which is standard policy for all threats handled by the agency, but the TV station learned agents had looked into the matter.

Crosby Independent Schools also declined to comment on the matter, citing privacy laws, and parents are divided over whether the teen should be allowed to come back to classes at Crosby High School.

"It's not like he threatened any students or anything like that," said parent Ashley Grantham said. "I think he was just all talk."