'The trend is unmistakable': MSNBC's Steve Kornacki says Biden likely to expand his Pennsylvania lead
Steve Kornacki (MSNBC)

Joe Biden has opened up a lead over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, and MSNBC's Steve Kornacki explained why that was likely to expand.

Vote counts have been entered throughout Friday morning from the key swing state, whose 20 electoral votes would put Biden across the 270-vote electoral threshold, and Kornacki said newly counted ballots would swing heavily toward the former vice president.

"Biden has increased his statewide lead here to 6,817," Kornacki said. "There are the 7,000 votes in Allegheny County, they are working on them now. We may get a readout from there. The trend here has been unmistakable, it's it's been consistent across the state. Joe Biden is generally leading the mail-in votes by a wide margin and winning 75 percent of them, so you can expect, based on that trend, that whatever coming out of Allegheny would further pad that lead."

"The further trajectory was Joe Biden getting closer and closer to [President Donald] Trump," Kornacki added. "He has now caught Trump in the statewide count and now the trajectory is Biden is beginning to build a lead here. But we have been saying it will take unforeseen to change that trend, and we still have not seen any surprises in this. Everything has proceeded along the lines of the trend here of Biden winning the mail vote overwhelmingly."

New totals will be added into the afternoon, but Kornacki said the state will almost certainly go to Biden.

"All indications are that mail vote to some degree is going to favor Biden," he said. "He will continue to pad his lead."