‘They want to steal your vote’: North Carolina AG warns of ‘illegal’ robocalls ‘spreading misinformation’
North Carolina AG Josh Stein (Facebook).

The Attorney General of North Carolina warned voters on Election Day of illegal robocalls trying to suppress the vote.

"Hashim Warren, a 40-year-old registered Democrat in Guilford County, North Carolina, who already voted earlier this week, told BuzzFeed News he received a similar anonymous message today telling him to 'stay home and stay safe' shortly before 10 a.m.," BuzzFeed News reported Tuesday.

“It was sort of creepy,” he said. “It definitely hit on the anxieties my family has had about the election.”

Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat, warned voters about the calls.

"Someone is making illegal robocalls into NC spreading misinformation about Election Day. DO NOT LISTEN to these robocall voicemails!" Stein urged.

"They want to steal your vote. Don't let them. Today is your last chance to vote. We have 3 hours left – let’s vote NC!" he continued.

In February, Stein launched a new hotline for North Carolina residents to report robocalls.