'Time to put Rudy in a home': Trump mocked for choosing Giuliani to lead his election lawsuits
Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani (Photo: screen capture)

President Donald Trump's son Eric announced that former Mayor Rudy Giuliani would be part of the legal effort to fight the legal battle to hand the election to the president.

Given Giuliani's scandals over the past several months, it was something that many questioned. His credibility is something that has been questioned after he attempted to create a scandal in Ukraine that ultimately got Trump impeached. Giuliani then has struggled to create another scandal with a mystery laptop allegedly belonging to Vice President Joe Biden's son. The problem, however, is that no one ever proves that the laptop belonged to the younger Biden nor could they get their stories straight about what was on it or where the laptop came from. It has since become a joke.

See the responses to the news that Giuliani is taking on the legal battle below: