Trump abruptly cancels trip to Pennsylvania to attend sham fraud hearing with Rudy Giuliani
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

President Donald Trump's trip to witness a purported "voter fraud" hearing has been abruptly canceled.

Although the president was scheduled to travel with personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to watch a partisan GOP hearing on supposed voting irregularities, CNN's Jeremy Diamond is reporting that the trip was called off late Wednesday morning.

Although no reason was given for the cancelation, Diamond notes that it came "after Giuliani was exposed to a second person in the last week who tested positive for coronavirus."

The event, which is being held at a Wyndham hotel, has been decried as a sham hearing.

The “Trump campaign calling its press event in Gettysburg a ‘public hearing’ being held by the Pennsylvania Senate with ‘opening statements’ and ‘testimony’ is a flat-out falsehood. This is not a Senate event and certainly not a government hearing,” explained Washington Post reporter Amy Gardner.