Trump acts like he's fighting to nullify the election -- but his heart really isn't in it: columnist
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump can fire off as many all-caps tweets that he wants. Still, the reality is that the Republican loser of the 2020 election doesn't seem like his heart is really in it, wrote Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake on Sunday.

For the first few days of the journey to count the ballots, Trump employed his usual bluster, but as things began to become clear, it seemed he was going into his own form of self-care.

At the time that the networks were calling President-elect Joe Biden, the winner, "Trump was playing golf, the same game he said in 2016 that he wouldn't have time for as president."

After that, his campaign held a press conference with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the yard of landscaping next to an adult "toy" and lingerie shop, and across the street from a crematorium.

"Despite Trump and his campaign's baseless allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election, the scenes of Saturday — and indeed much of the three days before it — don't exactly paint a picture of a campaign working tirelessly and strategically to overturn the results of its impending loss," wrote Blake. "The question has always been whether these allegations were truly about legal challenges or about Trump claiming he never actually lost in the first place, and it's looking more and more like it's the latter."

Yahoo in Australia reported that Trump was practically crying when he was booed coming back to the White House.

"Images of Trump were shared on Twitter, with some people saying he looked 'sad' and 'teary-eyed' after learning of his loss," said the report.

"Trump is teary-eyed as he arrives back to the White House, listening to celebrations of his utter defeat," the site quoted one man.

"This may be my favorite image of the day. Trump returning to the White House after golfing to encounter a huge crowd celebrating his defeat," tweeted comedian Dave Foley with an image of the president.

Trump's allies tried to claim that his White House was under assault, as they anticipated a riot, erecting an unscaleable fence and calling in the National Guard. It turned out to be a city-wide party filled with music and dancing. Fox News could report about it that was negative because the stench of marijuana was thick.

Trump may have been rage-tweeting, but by Thursday's statement from the White House podium, it was clear he was depressed.

Even Trump's most promising job offer, from Sacha Baron Cohen, was rescinded because he said the president's performance this week was "tragic and sad." "Saturday Night Life" Trump-actor Alec Baldwin closed his speech with a somber rendition of "Macho Man," as his face fell with a heartbroken tone and blue lighting.

It's unclear if Trump will continue to work in his final months, as he's already indicated he won't concede to Biden or meet with him in the Oval Office.

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