Trump advisers have been avoiding him because they fear he'll ask them to do something 'crazy': report
President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

President Donald Trump's White House advisers have been increasingly trying to avoid coming into contact with him because they reportedly fear that he'll ask them to do something "crazy."

Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that most White House staffers have accepted that Trump has lost and will not be president on January 20th.

The president himself, however, is still trying to come up with some kind of Hail Mary pass to cling to power, which has made his staff avoid being near the Oval Office for fear that he'll call them in and ask them to do something illegal.

"Usually everybody’s looking for an opportunity to go in [to the Oval Office]," one official said. "Now it's the opposite. You never know where there’s going to be this moment where he’s like, well why don’t you do X-Y-Z crazy thing."

Another official said that staffers have to walk on eggshells to avoid upsetting the president by acknowledging the reality of his defeat.

"Everybody’s trying to straddle the fence and avoid him flipping out," another official explained.