Trump campaign loses in court again -- and must show evidence of fraud on Tuesday: report
Rudy Giuliani appears on CBS (screen grab)

President Donald Trump lost in court again on Monday.

The loss occurred after three Trump lawyers resigned from the case on Monday, as was reported by Reuters' Brad Heath.

Following the resignation, Cox Media reporter Jamie Dupree noted Trump's teams asked for a delay in Tuesday's hearing, which had been scheduled one week earlier.

On Monday evening, federal Judge Brann ruled against the Trump campaign.

UC Irvine Law professor and elections expert Rick Hasen was not surprised by the ruling.

"Pro-tip: Don't make a motion as a new substitute attorney the night before a scheduled emergency time sensitive election ... hearing to postpone that hearing, as the Trump lawyers just did in PA. It will be denied," Hasen tweeted.

"The new lawyer being subbed in the night before this key hearing in the Pennsylvania election case is not an election lawyer and has been a lawyer on this case for just a couple of hours," he continued. "Like bringing in a minor leaguer to play in a World Series game with no notice or warm-up."