Trump campaign plans to pay for partial recount in Wisconsin: report
Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Nashville. (NumenaStudios /

On Wednesday, Fox News' John Roberts reported that the Trump campaign plans to file for recount in Wisconsin. This recount will reportedly be partial and only cover certain counties.

According to Wisconsin law, the president's campaign is obligated to pay for the recount itself, which will cost them almost $8 million. The deadline to request the recount is today, which has led to speculation over whether or not the campaign would decide to go through with it.

As of Wednesday, results show President-elect Joe Biden carrying the state of Wisconsin by just over 20,000 votes — the closest margin of the three Midwestern "blue wall" states he flipped back after Trump carried them in his 2016 upset, but a large enough lead that a recount is unlikely to change the result. Winning the state of Wisconsin would only flip 10 electoral votes, which would not change the outcome of the presidential election as a whole.