Trump campaign tricking supporters into donations in one last ‘pitiful’ cash grab: report
Donald Trump (AFP)

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign keeps blasting supporters with solicitations for legal funds to challenge his loss to Joe Biden.

The campaign is citing dubious electoral results from the Trump-friendly Epoch News website to suggest victory is in reach, although all major outlets have projected Biden has won, to squeeze increasingly more money out of the president's supporters, reported The Daily Beast.

"The one that popped up in my inbox Sunday morning deserves special attention, though," wrote @TrumpEmail, an anonymous Twitter user who tracks the campaign's fundraising pitches. "From start to finish, this might be one of the most bizarre, pitiful, and unintentionally hilarious emails I have received — and that’s saying something."

The email claims Democrats "rigged" the election against "their all-time favorite president," and asks recipients to contribute $5 to $20 -- and donors must then agree, whether they realize it or not, to be charged 10 times that amount or more.

"Finally, we wrap up with the hard sell," the Beast reported. "With The Epoch Times providing cover, the campaign makes its big ask: they assert that all remaining toss-ups should automatically go to the Trump column. What’s more, the integrity of the election is at stake and the president is counting on YOUR $5 (sorry, I meant $55) to save the republic."

"With its lawsuits getting slapped down and states inching toward the deadline to certify their results, the Trump campaign must know it is running out of time to squeeze any more cash out of supporters with this particular grift," the report added. "SAD!"